The Convention-Schools

Represent a long-standing landmark in the education and training of young researchers who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of macromolecular. It is held annually at Palazzo Feltrinelli (Gargnano, Brescia) in May or June and have a duration of 4-5 days. In the days dedicated participants in the school may, full-time, follow lectures given by leading Italian and international experts on topics of general interest in the field. There are scholarships and facilities for some of the young members.

The Biennals Conference of the Association 

They represent the heart of the life of the association being the main opportunity for dialogue and exchange of experiences among the members. During the days dedicated to the conference plenary lectures, oral presentations, poster sessions, round tables and discussions follow each other, and also held the General Assembly of the Association. 

The Technology's Days 

Generally lasting only one day, the days are devoted to topics of interest and practical application and are therefore mainly dedicated to researchers and industrial engineers working in the specific field. Some of the topics discussed: the emulsion polymerization, polyamides, mixing in the polymer, rheology in injection molding.


Macrogiovani is a demonstration that the association promotes and finances in order to foster debate among young people working in the field of macromolecules. The meeting is free and open to young people who will be able to share their experiences and discuss the scientific topics of their studies.

Days for Environment and Cultural Heritage 

Such days are organized in order to promote environmental education and protection of works of art through the study of the interactions between the environment and the polymeric materials. Often free,  are generally also dedicated to scholars who do not work directly in the field of macromolecular science.

The "AIM Magazine" 

It is the periodic disclosure of the association. Contains current information, address books, and articles of popular science and education from the world of polymers. There are also information about initiatives and the Conference or Workshop program.




Job Opportunities

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