TOP STARS 2017 EIT Raw Materials Winter School

Innovation challenge for PhD students and researchers

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Where» Trento
Date event» dal 6 Nov al 15 Nov 2017
Address» CLab - Contamination Lab, Piazza Fiera 4, - Trento ()

The applications for TOP STARS 2017 EIT PhD Raw Materials Winter School ( are now open and PhD students and young researchers have the opportunity to apply to (

TOP STARS 2017 - innovaTion challenge fOr PhD STudents And ReSearchers, has an emphasis on ways of applying the currently available techniques in improving the everyday life & business activities. Topics of challenges proposed by companies are introduced through presentations, tutorials and workshops on approaches focused on techniques to assess and promote feasible solutions on both technical and business aspect. Enhancing entrepreneurial skills and specific business capacities from idea to a clear business proposition remains the key objective of the winter school. 

The winter school offers PhD students and young researchers a unique hands-in opportunity to address a societal challenge in the Raw Materials framework by combining the technical expertise with innovation and entrepreneurship experience. For about two weeks, students will work in teams to identify a technical solution and develop it into a business proposal. The winter school will introduce students to entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour, business and innovation processes, high-tech ventures marketing, and business model generation techniques. This experience will help to foster a community of students among various universities and to create an interaction with companies and start-ups operating in the specific field.

With respect to traditional winter schools, TOP STARS combines focus-lectures of academics and practitioners, project work, field and usability tests, customer validation work, field visits and socializing events. Focus is put on harmonizing the technical capacities with soft-skills such as: business project work, team building, (personal) networking, cultural exchange, knowledge on interaction between ethics and society and creation of a global awareness of societal and business trends. In the school, students are confronted with participating stakeholders (companies and start-ups) to consider the sustainability and relevance of their ideas. The course emphasizes multi-disciplinarity and draws attention on specific components related to; conceptualization of usability and technical realization; and commercialization (marketing plan and business realization) of their ideas.

Throughout the winter school, students will work in teams of 5-7 participants to craft and develop into project-ideas the solutions they have identified to address the technical problems presented to them. A selection of initial use-cases are planned to be provided in cooperation with partner companies participating in the winter school.
The whole initiative is valued 10 ECTS.




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